Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Apply Now: grants for energy-efficient modernization

energy-efficient modernizationHomeowners who heat their building technically modernize want, you can now register as "energy-winner" Apply with a little luck and a grant money. From the boiler replacement on the integration of solar energy through to complete house refurbishment - variety of projects are eligible to participate. The Institute for economic oil heating (IWO) wants with this action show that modern Ölheiztechnik contribute significantly to energy conservation and the demands of future growth.

Participation requirements are that the primary energy demand through the upgrading of at least one third falls, that the building behind is predominantly ölbeheizt and that an energy certificate with modernization recommendations available. Until December 2011 selects a IWO-jury per quarter, a limited number of good measures of modernization, and pay for them a subsidy. The sum is calculated according to a simple principle: per year per kilowatt hour (kWh) of energy is 0.25 euro (up 50 percent of total investment).

In figures this means: If, for example, in a house with 150 square meters of living space, an old standard boiler with a combination of oil-fired unit and replace solar can 16,000 kWh primary energy per year. The subsidy for the energy-winner is in this case 4,000 euros - for a total investment of around 16,400 euros. More info and application forms on winner

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