Monday, June 23, 2008 - The Simplest Way to Move Your Stuff!

When you need moving help but can not afford to pay professional that charge hundreds of dollars per hour, now is the time to use local moving labor to help you carry heavy furniture up staircases or to assist you with other moving helps. is one service provider that connects day laborers with people like you. Beside moving helps, this provider also offers other services such as cleaning help, landscaping help, and day labor. was launched on June 2007, by now this provider has drawn over 1,000 registered helpers in all 50 states which mean you are in touch with this provider’s services. New York movers are one of this provider’s specialists. This provider has become the number one provider of movers in New York. They have over 1500 moving companies providing moving labor. Same thing with this site’s Chicago Movers, they also have over 1500 moving companies and they are also number one provider in Chicago.

You just need to visit, search, learn the reviews and select helpers in your area, and then the helpers will contact you. This site’s customers can actually save up to $300 when they use to find the moving labors. To learn more details please visit The simplest way to move your stuff, get your moving help from!

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