Monday, March 24, 2008

Car Angel Ministries, Help Us Help Others!

donate a boat
Car Angel Ministries is one place trusted by so many to donate! This organization collects the vehicle you are going to donate right away, the process is fast and simple, you just fill out the online donation; its towing, quick and free pick ups will be on your place. You prepare your title documents by signing them, release the vehicle, title and hand over the key to the tow driver, you get your receipt, as simple as that! What more benefits you have? You receive your IRS tax deduction, you avoid headache of selling your used vehicles, and you don’t have to bother with calls, cleaning them, and price haggling. Car Angel Ministries is going to do the rest, if you do not use your extra vehicle please donate today! Car, RV, truck, trailer, or boat to donate, or a plane, all these vehicles will be used to reach the hurting and underprivileged.

Your vehicles donation, such as boat donations will be in an auction, and fund gathered will be used for this ministries program, there are countless preschool and grade school children in the poorest countries of the world such as India, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Columbia, Uganda and Sudan need fund to be able to support their education, or feeding programs. If you have a boat to donate, or any other vehicle, please do not postpone, as there are people really in needs that can use your extra vehicle out there! Visit its site and find out more about their program, one of the most impacted programs to others is Car Angel Ministries' literacy program.

One project that promote Car Angel Ministries everywhere is their hard work creating children animation movies. The Adventures of Donkey Ollie have won many movie festivals. These movies are distributed free, just visit its website and click order DVD’s, other great work is anti-drug documentaries. Sponsors listed on this site also prove this organization is trusted; Wal-Mart and Viacom are among the sponsors. Donate a boat or any of your extra vehicles now, share and reach others!

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